56 ideas pitched; 16 selected to form teams


1. Event Planner – Web based app to help you plan events

2. Open Letter – Send letters to public and government authorities directly and via the web; share the letters and replies openly to create public pressure and improved services.

3. Perspectiva – Multi platform game, for ex. flick cards from hand device to Google Tv

4. Azma – Mobile text based system to monitor traffic using crowdsourcing

5. Play Outside – Location based game for the blind

6. Machine Puzzle –  Android version of The Incredible Machine Clone

7. Shoebox – Paperless receipt system

8.  Finders Keepers – Kill sucking sites, non profit, bi-monthly gathering of talented people.

9. Virgin Bid – Web based app, plugs into airplane sites.  Bid who you want to sit next to

10. Movieoke – Karaoke killer. Act with subtitles on the screen.

11. In The Mood – Site puts people in the right mood to do things. Multimedia anchor to reconnect to your mood.

12. World Tour Guide – Mobile app for GPS assisted audio tourguides. Crowdsource voice recordings of tours.

13. The Beach – Crowdsourced augmented reality app to help collect location data

14. Easy Prop – Property management made easy

15. Take Me – Meta info from public transportation services

16. Doctor Web – The new village doctor.  International online medical services. Local nurses record medical treatment for on-duty doctors to diagnose remotely.